Thursday, 11 April 2013

“Keep the toothbrush for your teeth!” - Hamilton Classics Tyre Jacket

As you may well pick up over the coming months – there is a definite enjoyment of detailing at HERO. Granted, we believe that our cars are first and foremost to be enjoyed through being driven, but when the hard work is done, it’s great to return them to a showroom finish. A mid summers day spent at a concours or meet and greet with other enthusiasts is one of life’s great pleasures, either for the atmosphere or for the more completive amongst us, the chance to show off our dedication to detail.

This particular product solved a problem that had infuriated the more #ahem# clean-minded of us at HERO for years…. Once you have got your pristine machine to the venue – why do these events seemingly always take place on damp or freshly mown grass? The hours of hard work with a toothbrush and a rubber shine solution are instantly laid to waste as inches of muck run tiny rivulets of imperfection across your tyre treads.

We hear you cry “what can we do to end this grimy, dusty nightmare? – When will this grassy horror end!?”
We are delighted to be able to say the answer lies with Hamilton Classics, and their ingenious tyre jacket. This tough nylon jacket slips on the tyre with ease and is tough enough to be driven on for short distances – to be slipped off when in position – revealing pristine rubber. Buy a set now in time for summer – the HERO Store usually ships in 1-2 business days – and give your toothbrush a day off!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Keep calm and retro on...Classic Emergency Kit

One of the big problems we face as classic car owners is the need to keep up with the ever increasing safety requirement placed upon us, whilst keeping the correct look of the cars we have spent so much time maintaining. Often this means keeping safety equipment in the car, in spaces that were never designed to hold such clutter. We have personally been driven mad with the need to have and hide the regulatory tabard and breathalysers needed in Europe, without losing the period look.

We love this product from Retro Classic Car parts, which provides the stylish and period solution to this modern problem. It fitted beautifully into the boot of an MGA and looked great. The thick leather has stood up beautifully to the time spent in the boot – and it looks great in there. As an added bonus it’s good to know that should we ever “fail to proceed” whilst abroad, there would be no need to dig around for the various bits of equipment needed, just grab the one pack and go.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Top Rag for the Rag Top - Nenette Polish Brush

Many of you will already be familiar with the Nenette Polish brush, at least by sight, as they have been around for years and were apparently a staple of the enthusiast’s car care kit back when Triumph Heralds were still in the showroom. Familiarity does not always breed contempt however and there is a good reason why Hamilton Classics began to re import these dusters from France.

Ideal for removing road dust from your car after a day of summer driving, the impregnated fibres sweep dust off the paintwork glass or chrome without scratching and without need of a hose and chamois. It’s small enough to be kept tucked in the boot of the car – and we use ours for quick “touch ups” on arrival to shows (or pub car parks) as it takes mere seconds to bring the cars back to its rightful state. We recommend buying the bottle of top up fluid at the same time – the duster head is machine washable and can last for years if treated with the “Nenetol” liquid after every wash.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The HERO Store

HERO to launch its online store for classic car enthusiasts at Race Retro
London, February 21st 2013 - The Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO) is to launch a new online store for classic car enthusiasts which will provide them with everything that they need to take part in classic events around the world.

Tomas de Vargas Machuca, joint Managing Director of HERO said: “HERO Store will provide classic car enthusiasts and, in particular, HERO Premier Members with increased accessibility of classic car related products and services online in a new service that has not existed in the past.”

He added: “The HERO Store is an online marketing platform, which promotes and sells HERO branded products and third party quality suppliers’ brands. Its objective is to become the first choice for its members and other classic car enthusiasts to purchase classic car related products and services.”

The store will not only stock a variety of items for those taking part in classic events, but shoppers will be able to identify events and see what equipment is required and then order it online.

Tomas added: “If purchasers are HERO Premier Members then they will receive reward points on every item that they buy which can be used towards future purchases for HERO and CRA events or other HERO services such as Arrive&Drive, HERO Assist and more.

Through the HERO Store, HERO intends to build a community of a selected number of Europe’s classic car related suppliers who share the HERO ethos. The suppliers are provided with an additional route to market through the established brand, clients and the marketing and promotion efforts undertaken by the team. Additionally, the supplier receives a dedicated page to illustrate and promote their company on the HERO Store and has the option of running product promotions, offering discount codes or gift vouchers.

Patrick Burke, joint Managing Director of HERO said: “HERO’s overall objective is to bring together classic car enthusiasts in a highly fragmented “cottage industry” through rallies and events, partnerships, sponsorships, merchandising and services. Many suppliers struggle to reach and penetrate their potential market. For this purpose HERO liaises with its network of carefully selected and trusted suppliers on behalf of its members and other customers offering HERO endorsed products and services.”

Jasmine Jenny, HERO Store Manager said: “The HERO Store promotes the quality, heritage and exclusivity that different manufacturers and suppliers represent. Up-selling and cross merchandising will allow targeting and continued growth across more than one age group, genders and income levels. Ultimately, the HERO Store is a source of inspiration and a place where classic car enthusiasts meet off road. It is not just about equipment the Online store will feature exclusive motoring gifts and an exclusive range of clothing.”

She added: “Building the store will take time but we have so far signed up more than 20 suppliers and we will be recruiting more at the show.”

Visit the HERO Store

For further information please contact:

Jasmine Jenny
HERO Store Manager